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Russell Crowe Posts UFO Sighting

The actor uploaded video of a glowing object that appears to be flying through the sky near Crowe's office in Sydney.

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    Actor Russell Crowe tweets an alleged UFO sighting

    Now that Russell Crowe is done with his "Les Miserables" award season duties, he's turning his attention to stars of a different kind.

    The Oscar-winning actor uploaded videos to YouTube of a bright, orange-red object that appears to be flying through the sky near Crowe's office in Woolloomooloo, a suburb of Sydney, Australia. The footage, which lasts 23 seconds, begins with the following wording:  “Time lapse photos outside RC’s office in Woolloomooloo…These are real…UFO?”

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    “A friend and I set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens, this was a big surprise,” Crowe tweeted alongside the link to the video.

    The YouTube posting has garnered more than 300 comments, the majority laced with skepticism over the validity of the footage. 

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    One viewer posted a message reading: “I don’t understand, if this was time lapse photography then that could just be a plane? What am I missing here?” Another: "The camera is pointed at the glass window!!! The lights are indoors and behind the camera and reflecting in the window!!!!!!!"

    One even praised the actor's attempt at an "X-File" moment:  "Its a heli. if you look very close you can see the blades all he did was blur it out. But all and all good effort."

    See the video below: