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"The Simpsons" to Meet the "Family Guy" in 2014 Crossover Episode



    Here is a marriage made in animation heaven.

    Fox announced on Thursday that the Simpsons will get a visit from the Griffins of "The Family Guy" in the shows' first crossover episode, Variety Magazine reported.

    The "Family Guy" episode, entitled "The Simpsons Guy," will feature the Griffin family paying a visit to Springfield where the Simpsons live. The two families become fast friends with Stewie taking a liking to Bart, while Marge and Lois get in on some female bonding. Peter and Homer will duke it out over who's beer is superior: Duff or Pawtucket.

    While this may be the families' first official meeting, both shows have taken jabs at each other over the years. "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane also had a guest role on "The Simpsons'" season 24 finale.