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Runway Scare at Bradley Airport

The FAA is investigating an incident involving two planes that came close to colliding on the runway



    (Published Wednesday, May 22, 2013)

    Two planes came close to colliding on a runway at Bradley International Airport last week, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

    The FAA is investigating the incident, which it said occurred at about 8:10 a.m. on May 17.

    It's not known how many passengers were on board the two planes.

    According to the FAA, USAirways 1509 was cleared for takeoff on Runway 6 and passed through the intersection of Runway 33 as ExpressJet 3822 was landing on Runway 33.  An automated runway safety system alerted.  ExpressJet 3822 turned off Runway 33 onto Taxiway C before reaching the intersection with Runway 6.

    A search of the Aviation Safety Reporting System, which relies on anonymous reports from pilots and air traffic controllers, revealed since 2003 there have been 26 reported conflicts on the runway and in the air above Bradley International Airport.  The conflicts include everything from reported near mid-air collisions to runway incursions to bird strikes.

    The FAA said the audio recorded during the May 17 incident has yet to be released.  A spokesperson for Bradley International Airport could not comment at this time.