4 Waterbury Police Officers Placed on Leave

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    Four Waterbury police officers who have been accused of using excessive force during an arrest are on paid leave and under investigation, NBC Connecticut has confirmed.

    The man who claims he was attacked shared his story exclusively with NBC Connecticut.  He wants to remain anonymous, because he fears retaliation.

    “I know for a fact he kicked me in the face because he went over said hey let me get a turn,” he said.

    The victim said he was attacked for no reason.  “They’re supposed to be protecting the community not beating us up,” he added.

    That man claimed a few Waterbury police officers beat him up in a church parking lot at Willow and Ludlow Streets on January 13th, after he ran off when they were trying to arrest him.  He showed NBC Connecticut a mark on his back, and said it was from police dragging him across the asphalt. 

    The victim said he didn’t know why police were after him in the first place. “I was already on the ground they was kicking me in the face punching me in the face…they said I was resisting arrest but I was already on the ground,” he added.

    The Waterbury Police Chief Vernon Riddick is now investigating four officers for allegedly using excessive force, but wouldn’t talk on camera about it, or say if it was in connection with that man’s case. 

    Riddick  said he put those cops on leave after a witness reported the issues a few weeks ago.  The supposed victim who did not come forward with the claims of abuse to police, said the Internal Affairs Department had been in touch with him. “They asked me what happened and I told him my side of the story,” he explained.

    The Waterbury Police Union released the following statement:

    “It is not unusual for people to complain about cops. These allegations are rarely proven true. It is my sincere belief that after a complete investigation the officers will be cleared of any wrongdoing. As the facts of the incident are revealed, everyone will see that four dedicated officers risked their own safety to effect the arrest of a very bad person,” wrote Nick Lukiwsky, the Union President.

    As for the man who alleged he was beaten, he still questioned why this even happened. “I think they thought I was somebody else they might have thought I was somebody else who did something,” he said. 

    Records showed he was charged with resisting arrest, but he maintained he did nothing wrong.

    Waterbury Police Chief Vernon Riddick said he takes all citizen complaints seriously and the allegation will be thoroughly investigated.

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