ATV Rider Attacks Pedestrian in Willimantic | NBC Connecticut

ATV Rider Attacks Pedestrian in Willimantic



    An ATV operator attacked a pedestrian in Willimantic Saturday evening, police said.

    Four people were illegally riding ATVs in a residential neighborhood around 6:30 p.m. Saturday. One drove onto the lawn of a Southridge Drive home, tearing up the grass. The group drove off when a neighbor attempted to intervene.

    When the neighbor went outside to observe the damage, the ATV operator turned around and sped past, knocking the victim to the ground. The victim was later transported to the hospital for treatment.

    The suspect was wearing a helmet and driving a black-and-orange quad-style ATV.

    Police are investigating. Anyone with information should call the WIllimantic Police Department at 860-465-3135.