Bomb Squad Called to Farmington Home After Mortar Found in Yard

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    Mark Leimbach

    The Hartford Police Bomb Squad responded to a home on Fairview Drive in Farmington on Friday after Connecticut Light & Power workers found what appeared to be a military tank shell or mortar in the yard, according to Farmington police.

    Officers arrived on scene and evacuated two neighboring homes as a precaution. The bomb squad removed the device, which is thought to be inert and part of a previous homeowner's collection of antique firearms and military ordinances, police said.

    It's not the first time police were called to this home.

    The bank foreclosed on the house in Jan. 2013 and officers seized more than 100 antique firearms, which were later returned to the homeowner, according to police.

    Authorities also discovered "numerous inert grenades and military ordinances," which the bomb squad investigated and deemed inert at the time, police said.

    Police believe the mortar found today was part of the original collection, but authorities treated the situation as though there were a real threat as a precaution.