Brazilian Native Arrested in Clinton After Search Turns up Cocaine, Thousands in Cash

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    Clinton Police Department
    Rogerio Martins, 26, a Brazilian native living in Clinton, is facing charges after police found cocaine in his home. Officers said Martins had two IDs under different names and had been previously arrested under a third name.

    A Brazilian native living in Clinton is facing drug charges after police found cocaine at his home on Liberty Lane and said he tried to hide the drugs on his person and was carrying two different IDs, authorities said.

    Rogerio Martins, 26, of 15 Liberty Lane in Clinton, was arrested Wednesday after police searched his home and found cocaine packaged for sale, additional drug packaging, cutting agents, drug paraphernalia and $18,000 in cash, according to Clinton police.

    Authorities said that when police entered the home, Martins tried to hide illegal drugs he was carrying on his person.

    He was also found in possession of two different IDs – one under the name Roger Martins and another for Sandro Dias Bimini. Fingerprinting revealed the suspect had been arrested several years ago for assault with a firearm under the name Allen Almedia, according to police.

    He was deported to Brazil following that arrest. Police said it’s unclear how Martins ended up back in the country, but said he told officers his real name was Rogerio Martins and that the two other names were aliases he had previously used.

    He’s charged with possession of cocaine, possession with intent to sell, operating a drug factory, possession of drug paraphernalia and interfering with a search warrant.

    The U.S. Department of Immigration has issued an immigration detainer on Martins, who is being held on a $250,000 bond at the Clinton Police Department.

    Martins is due in court tomorrow.