Broadcast of Dog’s Bark Helps Nab Teen Vandals: Cops | NBC Connecticut

Broadcast of Dog’s Bark Helps Nab Teen Vandals: Cops


    Teens are accused of smashing the glass at this bus stop and others in New Haven.

    Broadcasting a dog’s bark through a public address system helped police nab teens accused of vandalizing bus stops in New Haven this morning.

    Police responded to Long Wharf Drive around 3 or 3:30 a.m. Monday after three teens smashed the glass on at least six bus stop enclosures, then ran into a marshy area of the south end to get away, police said.

    Officers soon found one teen who was hiding, but the other two went deeper into the Long Island Sound marsh near the “Vietnam War Memorial,” so police called in more help.

    Another officer arrived with his canine, Xander, a 12-year-old Dutch Shepherd.

    The officer used his cruiser’s PA to urge the teens to come out of hiding and warned that Xander would find them if they didn't show, police said.

    When the teens ignored the officer's commands, he broadcast Xander’s bark through the PA system. Within seconds, the teens emerged from the marsh and were arrested, according to police.

    They were charged with criminal mischief before being turned over to their parents.

    Police did not have information available Monday about property damage estimates.