Broken Water Main Causes Road Closures in New Britain

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    Water has been pouring out of a ruptured water main in New Britain since around 11:30 this morning, causing road closures near Route 72.

    Water has been pouring out of a ruptured main in New Britain for hours, and crews say the road will be closed overnight as they work to make repairs.

    The main has been gushing water at the intersection of Corbin Avenue and Wilma Street since before 11:30 this morning.

    Corbin Avenue is flooded out at the intersection, causing the pavement to buckle in the southbound lane, according to water department officials at the scene.

    Workers said they need special equipment to turn off the valve. They're hoping to have it done by 4:30 p.m. but warn that it will likely take longer.

    Authorities said the road will be closed overnight between Hooker Street and Somerset Drive.

    No homes have been affected, but the Stop & Shop at 1309 Corbin Avenue may lose water for a period of time, according to officials at the scene.

    Repairs will continue throughout the day and night.