City Opens Garage to Ease Parking Concerns During Storm

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    NBC Connecticut

    Driving in the snow is tricky enough, but in New Haven parking may be even more difficult.  

    The city opened the Granite Square Garage on State Street Wednesday in hopes of preventing gridlock drivers saw during last week’s storm.

    Although the garage was opened to help ease some of that hassle, it appears getting a spot has been an issue all its own.

    "We're late," said Erica Caruana who pulled up to the garage. She had planned to park here for the storm but found that there were no spaces left. "It's nice that the city is offering something like this."

    "It's typically a secret in East Rock that this parking garage is open and they don't ticket you while the snow storms are happening," said Art Brennan.

    The New Haven Parking Authority says the garage is usually open for free while there's a parking ban. On Wednesday the city opened it before the ban to get more cars off the streets so there's more room for plows.

    "This has been the first time we've had this many cars in here rather than during the storm," said David Panagore, executive director of Park Haven. "So the experiment is a success but sadly there are only about 45 spaces in here."

    The action comes after last week's storm created a nightmare on the streets. Tow trucks were forced to move car after car so plows could get through.  NBC Connecticut found drivers trying to avoid another headache.

    "There's only so many spots and I wasn't able to park here," said Alfred Vichot.

    Many residents have learned they'll have to risk it on the snowy side roads again

    "Street parking. Man. It's part of New Haven," Brennan added.

    The Parking Authority says if you're still looking for a spot before or during the storm. $3 parking is still available at the Temple and Crown Street garages.