Connecticut Residents Play for $400M Powerball Jackpot

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    People in Connecticut say they will ditch the winter weather for more tropical locations if they win the big jackpot

    The sound of the machine spitting out tickets is the sound of hope that maybe, just maybe, yours will be the next Powerball winner.

    Eddie Jabbour, who owns Ninth Square Market in New Haven, said Powerball has brought a steady stream of customers into the store.

    “It's a lot of traffic, definitely more traffic, people trying to win,” said Jabbour.

    Even people who don't normally play Powerball have been taking the chance for a $400 million jackpot. Many said they already know how they'd spend it.

    “[I'd] go buy an island someplace and just chill out,” said New Haven resident Jeff Reisman.

    “I'd probably get a place in the nice warm Bahamas somewhere, or Hawaii maybe,” said Bob Golitko of Wallingford.

    The people buying tickets at the Shell Food Mart on Willow Street in New Haven were a little more practical in how they'd spend their winnings.

    “I would pay all of my debt, get out of debt, and I would help my family out,” said Kim Haugabook of New London.

    “I'd pay all my bills off, get out of debt, and I'd be happy. That's all I need to be comfortable. I don't need to win the jackpot, but I'll take the million,” said Eli Guillaume of North Haven.

    Of course, having a little extra spending money to do whatever you'd like would be icing on the cake.