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Convoy of Cruisers Delivers Cards to Boy Fighting Brain Cancer



    All a 6-year-old Virginia boy battling brain cancer and a spinal tumor wanted for Christmas this year was to be able to celebrate it and to receive Christmas cards from police officers from around the country.

    His story has touched hearts all over the country and police departments from across New England not only answered the call, but also set up a convoy of more than 90 cruisers to hand-deliver the cards to Nathan Norman.

    Watertown Swears-In Honorary Officer

    [HAR] Watertown Swears-In Honorary Officer
    A young cancer patient was sworn in as Watertown's youngest honorary police officer.
    (Published Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012)

    The hashtag they are using on Twitter is #cards4nathan.

    They gathered at Burlington Mall in Burlington, Massachusetts on Wednesday morning and traveled through Connecticut, via Hartford.


    The officers have Newtown on their minds and placed green ribbons on the cars in honor of the 20 first grade students and six staff members killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School last Friday.

    They passed slowly by Newtown on Wednesday.
    Earlier this month, the Watertown Police Department honored Nathan by making him an honorary Watertown Officer.

    When NBC Connecticut spoke with Nathan's parents earlier this month, they said the chance to be a police officer has made a world of difference for their son.

    "If you live everyday like you're dying, this world would be a great place because you'd do things so differently," Bobby Norman said.

    More than 15,000 people have liked the Nathan’s Christmas Facebook page and have posted that he is an inspiration.