"Extremely Aggressive" Dog Roaming Bloomfield Area

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    Associated Press

    Police are warning residents of an “extremely aggressive” dog that has gotten loose in the Bloomfield area and is wandering around town.

    According to Bloomfield and Simsbury police, on Saturday, Nov. 30, a large black-and-tan Rottweiler escaped from an enclosure at the Simon Foundation animal shelter on Rescue Lane in Bloomfield. Police said the dog was housed at the shelter as a “seized roaming dog” but managed to get loose.

    The dog was last seen Dec. 2 in the area of 296 Tunxis Avenue in Bloomfield. Police said the dog weighs in excess of 100 pounds, has a long tail and is very aggressive toward people and other dogs.

    The dog should not be approached. Anyone who sees the dog is urged to call police immediately.