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Florida Man Charged With Threatening Ex-Wife in Middletown

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    Middletown Police
    James Cyr is accused of threatening his ex-wife.

    Middletown police have arrested a 73-year-old Florida man accused of invading his ex-wife’s home and threatening her.

    James Cyr is accused of making the threats on the morning of April 25.

    Police said he walked into his ex-wife’s Middletown home, sat down at the breakfast table and said he wanted to “talk” to her about their 25-year marriage. He then pulled out a handgun, pointed it at her and said he wanted to harm her, police said.

    Cyr’s 18-year-old son was home and came to his mother's rescue. 

    He managed to talk his father into putting the gun down, get him out of the house and continued to talk to him, police said. 

    Inside Cyr's car, there was a suicide note, according to police.

    His ex-wife called police when he left.

    Officers applied for an arrest warrant and Cyr was taken into custody on April 28 with help from the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department in Florida. Middletown police took him into custody on Thursday.

    Cyr has been charged with home invasion, threatening and carrying a pistol without a permit.

    Bond was set at $250,000. He is due in court on Friday.

    It is not clear if he has an attorney.