Good Friday Walk Helps Fight Poverty and Homelessness

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    More than 100 people spent their Good Friday morning walking in an effort to fight poverty and homelessness.

    The 20-mile Rockville United Methodist Church's annual walk is a physical and emotional journey to provide for people who are less fortunate.

    “Well, the Lord walked for us and we can walk for him,” said Jack Wilkie, of Rockville, who joined fellow church members on the walk.

    Good Friday Walk Helps Fight Poverty, Homelessness

    [HAR] Good Friday Walk Helps Fight Poverty, Homelessness
    The Rockville United Methodist Church walk to fight poverty and homelessness

    Wilkie said it makes him feel good that he did something for somebody else on Good Friday.

    “I can take that two minutes, or seven hours, or whatever time it takes to walk with my friends and be with the Lord on Good Friday,” he said.

    The walk raises nearly $15,000 each year.

    Judy Culy, the co-chairperson  of the walk said the event sends money to Sharing Inc. which helps daycare centers and farm co-ops in Mississippi and Alabama.

    "To understand how valuable this money, how valuable the support is, and some of it money goes to the town shelters, which is also a good part of it, so it’s been a lot of fun," Dave Howe, of Vernon, said.

    The money raised will also go to the Tri-Town Homeless Shelter in Rockville and other nonprofit organizations to help the homeless and those living in poverty.

    “Because that's the way it should be on a religious day like this, and leading up to Easter it’s, just part of what we do for the last 30-35 years,” Wilkie said.