19 Hartford Sex Offenders Arrested in Citywide Sweep

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    Nineteen sex offenders living in Hartford are facing new charges for registry violations as part of a citywide sweep known as “Operation City Guardians.”

    Hartford police, Connecticut State Police and the Connecticut Adult Probation Department tracked down 31 sex offenders the morning of June 30 and arrested 18 of them. Two other men were arrested in the sweep on unrelated charges.

    The following known sex offenders were arrested (all charged with at least one count of failure to register their addresses unless otherwise specified):

    • Carlos Albert, 32, of Mortson Street, charged with violation of probation
    • Andre Bishop, 42, of Laurel Street, charged with violation of probation
    • Juan Correa, 50, of Mountain Street
    • Christopher Choser, 29, currently incarcerated
    • Matthew Currin, 36, of Sigourney Street
    • Vito Dadeo, 32, of Huyshope Avenue
    • Anthony Davis, 52, of Enfield Street
    • Carlos Davis, 40, of Capitol Avenue
    • Michael Davis, 33, of Crown Street
    • Justino Diaz, 68, of Washington Street
    • Heriberto Garcia, 32, of Zion Street
    • Janeely Garcia, 27, of Hamilton Street
    • Sergio Gomez, 48, of Bedford Street
    • Robert Hinton, 34, currently incarcerated
    • Alisandro Hernandez, 31, of Capen Street
    • Jorge Huertas, 58, of Sherbrooke Avenue
    • Maria Lebron, 38, of Madison Avenue
    • Rafael Padilla, 24, currently incarcerated
    • Bashon Whitley, 23, of Oakland Terrace, charged with first-degree larceny and violation of probation

    These non-sex offenders were also arrested:

    • Alfredo Rivera, 50, of Park Street, served three separate warrants and charged with third-degree criminal mischief, failure to respond to an infraction and violation of a town ordinance; failure to respond to an infraction and violation of a town ordinance; failure to appear, criminal trespassing, interfering with police and disorderly conduct
    • Angel Sanchez, 25, of King Street, charged with carrying a dangerous weapon