Hartford Students Back to School After Snow Days

After slew of snow days, students in Hartford head back to school

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    After a week off due to snow days and the holiday, kids at Hartford schools are headed back despite some messy streets and sidewalks.

    Students at Hartford Public Schools were back in school Wednesday for the first time in almost a week.

    After three snow days and Presidents Day off, parents were eager to get back to work and get their children back in class. However, the sidewalks outside of the E.B. Kennelly school were still slippery Wednesday morning.

    “It’s just scary hopefully they don’t get hit by these drivers not paying attention,” said Joseph White, of Hartford.

    Crossing guards spent the morning clearing openings in the snow banks along White Street so students could walk safely, but the piles were still getting in the way

    “I managed to chop some down,” said crossing guard Beverly Adamcewicz. “The sun will have to do its job for the rest, and hopefully I will be able to get the kids across.”

    There have been six snow days so far for Hartford Public Schools, compared to eight in total last year.

    Many are hoping the weather will hold up for the rest of the season so summer doesn't get any shorter.