Hundreds Turn Out for Fundraiser for Injured New Britain Officer

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    New Britain residents came together at Belvedere Cafe to raise money for officer Brett Morgan who is still suffering from injuries after he was dragged by a car while on the job.

    With raffle tickets purchased, drinks poured, and money piled up, the Saturday night fundraiser for New Britain Police Officer Brett Morgan at Belvedere Cafe and Restaurant said a lot about the city.

    New Britain resident Roger Peterson felt it was absolutely necessary to be there and support a man he's never met.
    "I believe everyone in the community should support our police department and officers that are always willing to give everything of themselves up to and including their lives," said Peterson.
    Nearly two weeks ago police say Morgan was intentionally hit by a car and dragged 100 feet. He's been in the hospital ever since.
    "We were scared," said New Britain Police Chief Jim Wardwell. "Thought we might lose him."
    Along with raising money, Saturday night was also a chance to celebrate Officer Morgan's life and strength.
    "His spirits are high, his hopes are up, and it'll be a long road to recovery for him. But I am so proud of the New Britain community coming together like this to be able to support him," said Mayor Erin Stewart.
    Morgan and his wife released a statement thanking everyone, saying, "Because of God's grace and the support of so many wonderful people, we are able to move forward stronger and more hopeful than ever."
    The event showed the character of the city, and Morgan's goal to step back onto the streets in uniform shows his character too.
    "I happen to know that's his hope, and it's certainly my hope and the hope of the entire police force and the hope of the entire community," said Chief Wardwell.
    So far the fund for Brett Morgan has raised more than $10,000.