Iraq War Veteran Loses Business to Fire

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    Lou Sanzaro, who started a landscaping and construction company when he returned from the war, estimates he lost about $750,000 in vehicles and equipment when a Hartford warehouse was destroyed by fire. (Published Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2014)

    The fire that ravaged a Hartford warehouse Monday night tugged at the heartstrings and purse strings of an Iraqi war veteran who watched his business go up in smoke.

    Lou Sanzaro started up Sanzaro Landscaping, LLC, a landscaping and construction company on Robeth Lane in Hartford, when he returned from the war in 2005.

    “I saw a lot of stuff I built with the help of family burn before my eyes,” said Sanzaro, “stuff I’ll never be able to get back.”

    He said business had been improving, but the fire destroyed several vehicles, including a brand new $80,000 truck, and a large amount of equipment. Sanzaro said although the vehicles are insured, the fire will cost him at least $750,000.

    But he plans to rebuild.

    “I think one day at a time is the way we’re going to approach this,” Sanzaro said.