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Laptops Worth $3,000 Stolen From Hartford School


    Police are investigating after $3,000 worth of laptops were stolen from the Martin Luther King School in Hartford over the holiday weekend.

    Hartford police are investigating after more than $3,000 worth of computers were stolen from the Martin Luther King School over the holiday weekend, authorities said.

    According to police, a parent volunteer arrived at the Ridgefield Street school Monday to find the storage room door unlocked. The parent contacted the principal’s office, which in turn notified police.

    Detectives learned that six Lenovo laptops valuing $536 apiece had been taken from the storage room, which was locked prior to the holiday weekend.

    Police said a select number of school employees have access to the room and there were no signs of forced entry. It's possible the culprit is an employee who obtained the keys, according to police.

    "There was no alarm notification to us," said Deputy Chief Brian Foley of the Hartford Police Department. "There were no signs of active destruction to any property that would indicate a burglary."

    Hartford police is working with school security to investigate and identify a suspect.

    Anyone with informatoin is urged to call Hartford police.