Many Hoping for Tickets to See Obama at CCSU Leave Empty-handed

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    President Barack Obama will head to Central Connecticut State University on Wednesday to discuss his efforts to raise the minimum wage.

    Many people in line to receive tickets for President Barack Obama's visit to Central State Connecticut University tomorrow went home empty-handed and out of luck.

    The university released a statement thihs afternoon saying that at 2 p.m. they were informed that tickets had run out for the public giveaway slated to start at 4 p.m. But people waiting in line said the tickets were claimed much earlier in the day.

    Debbie Reynolds waited for hours this morning and went home disappointed.

    "It's poorly handled," she explained.

    To get a ticket, she would have had to arrive before 9 a.m., when people were given red stubs to could bring back after 4 p.m. and exchange for real tickets.

    An hour later, the red stubs were gone.

    "When I came here at 10, the red tickets were gone and that's when they started the blue ticket process," said Crystal Lopez. "It's still not guaranteed."

    Those with blue vouchers were next in line if red-stub holders failed to claim their tickets by 7 p.m.

    A number of people left with no ticket at all – not red, not blue, not real.

    "I came from work," said Amy Corvino, who went home emptyhanded. "I left work early to come."

    One man with a special desire to see Obama was one of the four African Americans in the first integrated Marine Corps platoon.

    "And I'm the sole survivor out of the four," said Howard N. Hunter, "and to me - I want to see my brother."

    He won't have that chance, unless someone gives him a ticket.