MIlford Police Issue Warning About Hostage Scam

Caller claims to hold family member hostage and demands a wire transfer.

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    Milford police are issuing a warning about a several residents received calls from scammers claiming that a family member has been involved in a crash and is being held hostage unless the caller receives money.

    Police have received three reports of such calls and they are investigating.

    The victims are instructed to electronically wire the money through Western Union to a person and location the caller provides, with the promise that the family member will be released once the funds are received, police said.

    One victim electronically wired $500 and another victim wired $3,600, police said.
    The third person was aware of the scam and hung up the phone.

    One victim reported to police the male voice seemed “to be of Latin descent.”

    Milford police will be alerting local businesses that offer Western Union Services of the scam to alert potential victims.

    If you receive any type of phone call, letter or email that asks you to send money in this manner it is usually a scam, police warn.

    Here are some tips to protect yourself from becoming a scam victim.

    • Be hesitant of any unsolicited phone call, emails, text messages or letters you receive.
    • Do not provide any personal information to the caller or respond to the email.
    • Ask the name of the relative they are calling you about.
    • Contact that relative to verify there is no problem.
    • Avoid sending any money via electronic wiring services or providing your banking/credit card information to the fraudster.
    • Scammers obtain the information they use from social media sites, marketing lists and other sources. Limit their access to your information.
    • Perform an Internet search of the phone number or email address regarding potential scam activities related to it.

    Milford police ask anyone with information about these types of scams to call Detective Chila at (203) 877-1465, email or submit a tip online.

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