Man Charged With Murder in Windsor

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    NEWSLETTERS and Windsor Police
    Police are investigating a murder on Bina Avenue in Windsor overnight.

    A 44-year-old local man accused of stabbing another man to death has been charged with murder and is on suicide watch.

    Police responded to to 64 Bina Ave in Windsor at 7:41 p.m. on Thursday when they received a report of a stabbing and found Carl Mitchell, 40, of the same address, who had been stabbed in the chest. 

    Witnesses said Ray Smith, also of the same address, had stabbed Mitchell at least once, according to police.  Smith has children with Mitchell's sister and was staying with Mitchell as he looked for another place to live, according to court documents.

    Smith appeared in court on Friday and police said Smith has severe mental health issues.

    Police said they are treating this case as a domestic incident.

    Before the stabbing, Mitchell, Smith and Smith's sons had been talking about Smith's anger issues, as well as a problem he was having with Mitchell, one of Smith's sons told police.

    During the discussion, Smith said 'sorry," seemingly to everyone in the room, according to court documents, then things turned violent.

    Mitchell took a cell phone call before the stabbing and Smith grabbed a knife from the kitchen counter and allegedly stabbed Mitchell, police said.

    "Call the ambulance, my heart is beating fast," Mitchell said, according to a family member.

    The victim's sister and a nephew started performing CPR and another family member called 911.

    At one point, Smith then went over to Mitchell and put his hands around the man's neck, a family member told police. They assumed Smith was trying to help, but yelled for him to get away from the victim.

    When Mitchell arrived at the emergency room, he was unresponsive and he was pronounced dead.

    Smith was at the scene when police arrived and there was a brief struggle, during which police had to use a stun gun, police said.

    Smith was yelling random words and was not making sense, police said.

    When Smith was under control, police took him into custody and transported to Hartford Hospital, where he remains in under police custody.

    Smith is being charged with murder and interfering with police. Bond was set at $1 million.

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