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Man Accused of Threatening Driver With Knife

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    New London Police Department
    Reynaldo Guevarro, 59, was arrested after allegedly walking out into the middle of the road and threatening a driver with a knife.

    New London police have arrested the man who reportedly walked out into the middle of the road and flashed a knife at the driver who almost hit him.

    Reynaldo Guevarro, 59, of no known address, was arrested on State Street around 7:45 this morning, police said.

    According to police, Guevarro walked out into the road near the intersection of Union and Masonic streets and was narrowly missed by a car driving on Masonic Street. The driver slammed on his brakes to avoid hitting Guevarro, at which point Guevarro approached the driver and started an argument.

    Guevarro allegedly pulled out a large folding knife and pointed it at the driver, police said. The driver went directly to police headquarters.

    Shortly thereafter, officers found Guevarro on State Street. He was arrested and charged with second-degree breach of peace, possession of a dangerous weapon and second-degree threatening.