Man Stabbed Woman, Hit Her With Vice Grips: Cops

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    A woman was hit in the head with vice grips and stabbed in the leg, police said.

    Hartford police said a woman was hit her in the head with vice grips this morning and stabbed in the leg.

    Police responded to what came in as a report of a stabbing on New Park Avenue just before 2:30 a.m. on Monday and found a woman on the second floor stairway. Her head was covered in blood and residents were providing first aid, police said.

    The victim told police that she was in a man’s apartment, hanging out, and wanted to leave, but he refused to let he go.

    He then he hit her in the head and face with vice grips and stabbed her in the leg, police said.

    An ambulance transported the victim to Hartford Hospital , where she was admitted and required stitches and staples, police said. 

    The man the victim said attacked her was gone from the scene by the time police arrived, but they tracked him down around the block, police said.

    Detectives from the Hartford police department's major crimes domestic violence unit are investigating.