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Middletown Takes Steps to Fight Overcrowding in Schools



    The Middletown Board of Education has voted to seek more money in hopes of hiring additional teachers. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014)

    The first day of school is just around the corner and Middletown's Board of Education took a big step toward last-minute, back-to-school shopping last night – shopping for teachers, that is.

    The board voted to ask city government officials for more than $200,000 to make additional hires, following a petition drive led by the PTA at the Moody School.

    "We were very, very happy with what happened last night," said PTA president Carolyn May. "We really feel like we made a change and our voices have been heard."

    She and other parents jumped into action when Moody prepared two first grade classes instead of three.

    "It's so important for my child to get that attention from the teacher, one on one, and have the smaller groups with 15 children versus the 23-24 children," May said. "It means the world."

    She warned that there is no done deal, and the $200,000 not spent on the schools last year that was returned to the city government may no longer be available.

    But she hopes there will be more teachers hired at schools throughout Middletown.

    The city's finance and government commission meets next Wednesday, the day before the first day of school.