New Haven Charity Worker Burglarizes Own Employer: Police | NBC Connecticut

New Haven Charity Worker Burglarizes Own Employer: Police



    New Haven Police Department
    Eulogio Rodriguez is accused of failing to show up for work at Kiducation in New Haven, then burglarizing one of the charity's trucks.

    The employee of a local charity organization who had failed to show up for work was discovered rummaging around in the back of a parked truck Monday evening, police said.

    According to police, 37-year-old Eulogio Rodriguez was found digging through the rear compartment of a truck parked outside Kiducation, a group that collects and donates clothing and supplies, at 36 River Street in New Haven.

    The night watchman who had heard the noises and alerted police recognized Rodriguez as an employee who had stopped showing up for work, police said.

    Rodriguez told officers he “just happened to walk by and saw a suspicious person on the property,” then searched the truck compartment in an effort to find him. Police called Rodriguez’s story an “improbable tale.”

    Rodriguez was arrested and charged with third-degree burglary and second-degree trespassing.