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Former New Haven Firefighter Sentenced on Bribery Charges



    Aaron Brantley, a New Haven firefighter, has been sentenced on bribery charges.

    The former New Haven firefighter accused of bribing two fellow firefighters to substantiate discrimination claims he made in 2012 has been sentenced to one year in prison suspended after nine months, according to the court.

    Aaron Brantley, of New Haven, turned himself in to police in January 2013 and was charged with two counts of bribery of a witness.

    New Haven Firefighter Arrested

    [HAR] New Haven Firefighter Arrested
    Eight year veteran turns himself in.
    (Published Monday, Jan. 14, 2013)

    Brantley claimed he had been discriminated against when asked to paint fire hydrants, clean windows and run errands for the fire department while recovering from an injury.

    According to the warrant for his arrest, Brantley offered settlement money to two members of the fire department in exchange for false testimony supporting his allegations.

    Brantley received a one-year sentence, suspended after nine months, followed by a year of conditional discharge, the court said.

    The New Haven Register reports that Brantley was terminated from the fire department following his conviction in May.