New London Officer Fired for Allegedly Leaking Documents

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    A New London police officer accused of leaking information without permission from the department has been terminated, according to the mayor's office.

    The New London mayor has terminated a police officer accused of leaking confidential information about an alleged sexual assault.

    According to the mayor’s office, Officer David McElroy of the New London Police Department “violated department policies” by releasing that information to members of the media without permission from the department.

    In order to determine who may have been responsible, officials interviewed every member of the department, conducted a forensic investigation and performed handwriting analyses. No officers admitted to disclosing the information, but the mayor’s office says McElroy’s handwriting matched a sample from the leaked document.

    The mayor’s office says McElroy was given a second chance to admit his involvement but again denied any wrongdoing. He was then terminated by Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio at the recommendation of the New London police chief.

    “This is a sad day for the New London Police Department because, while the City must hold Officer McElroy responsible for his conduct, this incident clouds the fact that the vast and overwhelming majority of our police officers do an honorable job serving our community and upholding the privilege of being called a New London Police officer,” said Mayor Daryl Justin Finizio in a statement.

    According to the mayor’s office, the police union believes McElroy was targeted because of his involvement in the union.