Owners of Blighted Waterbury Condos to Help Pay for Repairs

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Condo owners at Waterbury's blighted Bradley Gardens will pay a special assessment of about $400 per unit as court-ordered repairs get underway. (Published Thursday, Aug. 7, 2014)

The city of Waterbury is stepping in to help address fire- and blight-code violations at the Bradley Gardens condominiums and are asking owners to pay a special assessment of about $400 per unit as repairs get underway.

Residents have reported mold, damaged walls, missing emergency lights and gaping holes in the ceiling, along with missing panels and a disconnected toilet. An in-ground pool at the complex is filled with garbage.

City officials toured the complex late last month to document evidence of neglect, and Judge Kari Dooley has been appointed co-receiver to oversee the repair process.

Andrew Gionta, of G&W Property Management, the condo association's court-appointed receiver of more than two years, doubts that $100,000 from the condo owners will be enough to cover the cost of fixing up the complex.

City of Waterbury Seeks Judge for Condo Complaints

[HAR] City of Waterbury Seeks Judge for Condo Complaints
The city of Waterbury has asked a Superior Court judge to compel the company that hold the Bradley Gardens condominiums in receivership to address the multiple code violations at the deteriorating property. (Published Thursday, July 31, 2014)

"There's quite a bit of damage down there," he said Thursday.

Waterbury Chief of Staff Joe Geary said the city has received countless complaints about blight at the complex, and attempts by police and fire officials to take action were unsuccessful.

Waterbury Condos in Disrepair

[HAR] Waterbury Condos in Disrepair
The Bradley Gardens condo complex in Waterbury shows evidence of neglect and residents are searching for answers. (Published Wednesday, July 23, 2014)

Dooley is asking for monthly reports from G&W Property Management documenting progress on bringing the residences up to code.

Condo owners will need pay their share by the end of next week, but some say they're not convinced it will make a difference.

"I've been paying years and years, common charges, but nothing's ever done," explained condo owner Tony Huang, who said conditions were so bad, he and his wife moved to New York.

Huang said he's already paid more than $6,000 in fees and has yet to see any progress.