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Police Arrest Burglary Suspects After Search Near West Hartford Center



    West Hartford Police
    Police arrested two men caught burglarizing a home on Brace Road in West Hartford on the 4th of July.

    A West Hartford homeowner helped police catch one of two men he caught burglarizing his Brace Road home late evening on the 4th of July. 

    Police arrested Christopher Colby, 29, and Roberto Colon, 44, on charges of first-degree burglary, possession of burglary tools, second-degree criminal mischief, third-degree larceny and conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal mischief and larceny. Colon was also charged with third-degree criminal trespass.

    There have been four burglaries in West Hartford over the past few days, including a cat burglary, and the arrests of Colby and Colon have closed two of the cases. 

    Colby and Colon fled the Brace Road home when the homeowner returned around 11:15 p.m. and caught them burglarizing his house, police said.  

    The homeowner called police as he chased after the suspects and reportedly tackled Colby at the Dale Street intersection. He detained the suspect until an officer, who was on patrol keeping an eye out for drunken drivers, arrived to take Colby into custody, according to police. 

    Meanwhile, several officers searched West Hartford Center on foot for Colon, interviewing people walking in the center and going door to door at the local businesses. Two of the officers found Colon hiding behind a construction site at 11 South Main Street, the Masonic Temple next to Sweet Frog frozen yogurt, according to police. 

    Police also found Colby's girlfriend in the area after kicking down a front door, but officers determined she was not part of the burglary and did not arrest her.

    The incident remains under investigation.