Police Arrest Suspect in Nordstrom Rack Crime Spree

Police said Peter Dimanno's car was used in all four thefts.

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    Farmington Police
    Police said Peter Dimanno's car was used during four robberies at Nordstrom Rack in Farmington.

    Farmington police have arrested one of the men suspected in a crime spree at Nordstrom Rack in February.

    Police have charged Peter Dimanno, 34, of Enfield, with two counts of sixth-degree larceny, one count of fifth-degree larceny and one count of failure to appear.

    His car was used during several thefts at the Farmington department store at 1600 Southeast Road, according to police.

    In February, police reached out to the public for help to identify the people behind the string of four thefts on Feb. 14, Feb. 16, Feb. 22 and Feb. 24. 

    Different people stole from the store in each case, but the vehicle used in all four crimes appeared to be the same, police said at the time.

    That car belonged to Dimanno, according to police, who said he was there for all four thefts.

    Dimanno was released on bond and is due in court on Wednesday.

    Authorities have submitted arrest warrants for a couple of accomplices as well.