Police Round Up Non-Compliant Sex Offenders in New Haven

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    New Haven Police State Police and U.S. Marshals conducted an operation to round up non-compliant sex offenders in the city on Thursday (Published Thursday, March 20, 2014)

    New Haven Police, State Police, and U.S. Marshals conducted an operation to round up non-compliant sex offenders in the city on Thursday.

    Authorities set out early on Thursday looking for 38 convicted sex offenders who have warrants out for their arrests.

    "Every six months or so we do roundups, so these are all the most recent sex offenders who have failed to register," said New Haven Police Sgt. Elisa Tuozzoli.

    The convicted sex offenders may also have violated probation or failed to verify their addresses, which is mandated under the sex offender registry.

    Teams of officers went to each of the offenders’ last known addresses to take them into custody. Sometimes, police have to visit several houses to find the suspect they are looking for.

    "A lot of times the addresses that people may use are relatives', and they may or may not have information on the actual whereabouts of that person. In this case, it actually worked out. The information that was given to us was correct and we were able to make the arrest," said New Haven Police Detective Jessie Agosto.

    According to Agosto, finding two of the five people who were on her team’s list is pretty typical for this type of round-up.

    "Especially when you’re dealing with failure to verify warrants because the reason that they’re not verifying is they’re probably not living at the addresses we have for them," said Agosto.

    In all, police made 20 arrests on Thursday.

    Police call this type of action an important step to keep the city safe.

    "It just maintains compliance. They’re on the registry for ten years, or a lifetime, so you really need to keep an eyeball on people," said Sgt. Tuozzoli.

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