Quinnipiac University to Hire Armed Security Officers

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    Quinnipiac University plans to hire armed officers in an effort to ramp up security over the next few months, according to a memo from the university’s Executive Vice President and Provost Mark A. Thompson.

    “The decision to arm senior public safety officers was made in accordance with our belief that nothing is more important than maintaining the safety and security of all members of the University community,” Thompson wrote.

    Armed security personnel will be incorporated into the university’s Department of Public Safety over the course of the semester, and active shooter training will be offered both online and in person to members of the university community, according to the memo.

    Thompson wrote that many Quinnipiac students come from elementary or high schools where armed officers were present, and that the goal is to create a safer, more secure environment at the university.

    “By having senior public safety officers on all three campuses, response times to incidents requiring an armed officer will be shortened and the responding officer will be intimately familiar with the University,” he wrote.

    The armed officers have been selected based on experience handling firearms in federal and state law enforcement, Thompson said in the memo.