Rash of Truck Battery Thefts in Wallingford

Police are warning business owners about a growing trend in town.

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    Wallingford Police are warning businesses in town of a growing number of incidents involving truck batteries being stolen from vehicles.

    According to police, there have been at least six cases of batteries being stolen from trucks parked in industrial or commercial areas in town. The businesses were all closed at the time of the thefts, police said.

    The most recent incident happened on Friday where six truck batteries were stolen from a business on Main Street in the Yalesville section of Wallingford.

    Police suspect they are being sold at scrap yards.

    "As the scrap price for vehicle batteries continues to hold stable and/or increase in value, we expect this theft trend to be an increasing concern for businesses and law enforcement," Dep. Chief William Wright said in a statement.

    Police are asking businesses to be vigilant, to work together to monitor each other's property and to report any suspicious activity.

    Business owners who cannot park vehicles in a locked area are urged to lock exterior battery boxes on trucks, or to park trucks with battery boxes facing each other to limit access to them.

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