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High School Prank Sparks Controversy in Tolland



    NBC Connecticut
    Tolland High School students are in hot water after pulling off an end-of-year prank on Wednesday.

    Some students at Tolland High School will likely be facing disciplinary action after pulling off a messy and dangerous end-of-the-year prank.

    It all happened inside the hallways at Tolland High School on Wednesday morning.

    Students sprayed silly string and shaving cream, threw eggs and marbles, dumped other items and trashed exit signs, according to students.  It took teachers and administrators 90 minutes to clean up the mess.

    Seniors initially planned a tailgating party in the parking lot but administrators squashed that, students said. In response, students from all grades wore black on Wednesday and some of them participated in the 10-minute hallway protest.

    The superintendent declined to talk about the prank. 

    School board chair Andy Powell says the district is now trying to identify who's responsible so appropriate action can be taken.

    There was no permanent damage to the school and no one was hurt. The incident was caught on surveillance video, which is now under review, Powell said.

    Graduation is planned for June 21.