Sinking Pavement Closes Part of Route 140 | NBC Connecticut

Sinking Pavement Closes Part of Route 140



    NBC Connecticut

    The heavy rains that swept across Connecticut last week are likely to blame for the troubles on Route 140 in East Windsor that have shut down part of the highway.

    A Department of Transportation spokesman says the area of Route 140 between Route 191 and Harrington Road began sinking and cracking Thursday or Friday. It has since been closed to traffic, inconveniencing the 10,000 to 15,000 motorist who use the road every day.

    "It looked like there was a sink hole in progress," said Dan Cohn, who drives Route 140 almost daily.

    DOT spokesman Kevin Nursick said the problem is almost definitely caused by water running underneath the roadway.

    The DOT is working to make repairs but describe the ground beneath the road as "boggy," and say that reinforcing it could take as long as a week. Crews will spend the next few days examining the problem and will then begin a major excavation project to fix it.