Teen Comes Face to Face With Moose in Cheshire

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    Jake Harton
    Jake Harton, 19, of Southington, snapped this photo of a moose in the woods off Mountain Road in Cheshire on Easter Sunday.

    A teenager had a run in with a moose in Cheshire on Easter Sunday.

    Jake Harton, 19, of Southington said he was hiking and looking for deer antlers in the woods near Mountain Road in Cheshire when he noticed moose tracks. He followed the tracks for a bit until he came face to face with the moose.

    Harton said he began snapping pictures and slowly approached the animal to get some photos up close.

    After a few minutes, the moose went on his way.

    Harton's moose sighting came just five days after Southington police warned motorists of a moose walking near I-84.