State Police Commissioner Revises Dispatch Consolidation

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    Two years after the start of state police dispatch consolidation, Commissioner Dora B. Schriro has finished a preliminary review of the process and plans to make some changes.

    Schriro’s “top-to-bottom” review began Jan. 31 and included meetings, data analysis, and a tour of New York City’s 911 call center, according to a release from the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection.

    Schriro recommends that all non-emergency administrative calls be handled – in person or over the phone – by the troop at which they’re directed. All 911 calls will continue going to the consolidated locations.

    “Although the State Police dispatch consolidation has had its share of challenges, optimal results can still be realized by addressing outstanding issues associated with planning and implementation, improving the handling of 911 and other urgent calls requiring immediate attention, and redirecting administrative requests that are not urgent in nature to the local Troops for the individualized attention they warrant,” Schriro said in a statement Wednesday.

    The plan will be field tested at Troops A and D starting today and will be implemented statewide by the fall, according to the release.

    “Starting at Troop A and Troop D will give us the opportunity to assess the rollout and make the necessary adjustments prior to statewide implementation and the addition of the working group of in-house experts and an advisory group made up of representatives of Connecticut’s municipalities will significantly enhance our efforts,” Schriro said.
    Two groups, one comprising dispatchers, troopers and sergeants and the other made up of city and town leaders, will give feedback on the plan throughout the process.

    The consolidation effort began in April 2012, when two dispatch centers in the Western District were rolled into a third. Two others in the Eastern District were consolidated last fall.

    Central District dispatch consolidation remains on hold.

    Round-the-clock coverage was reinstated at all 11 barracks last month.