Stratford Police Warn of Home Delivery Thiefs Going into Holiday Season | NBC Connecticut

Stratford Police Warn of Home Delivery Thiefs Going into Holiday Season



    It's that time of year again – the time when an increase in deliveries means an increase in the number of packages sitting on empty doorsteps and an increased opportunity for thieves.

    “I think in today's day and age, and people being as desperate as they are, it's very, very difficult. You really need to be home when you're going to get a package,” said Pat Iannucci of Stratford.

    Just last week, Stratford police arrested three people and charged them with stealing a package from a home on Cutspring Road. Iannucci says she's now home to receive any deliveries that come to her house, but when she was working, she'd do everything possible to keep packages from coming to an empty home.

    “I would try to make arrangements, leave an hour early, if they would tell me late afternoon or something like that,” she said.

    Police say there are things you can do to safeguard deliveries if you're not going to be home. For example, have packages delivered to work instead and use the tracking systems that many carriers offer to keep track of your purchase. You can also have a neighbor pick up your package or require a signature on the delivery so the package isn't left outside.

    Residents of one Stratford neighborhood say they haven't had any problems so far, but there are people watching the neighborhood every day.

    “Anybody that comes down, everybody knows. My neighbor works from home and my neighbor across the street is in and out, and my neighbor over here works from home, so people are always watching out, too,” said Susan Connolly of Stratford.