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Students Head Back to School in New Haven



    Students headed back to school in New Haven on Thursday, ready to meet the academic challenges ahead.

    Students at Lincoln Bassett Elementary are seeing new teachers and improvements, such as new classroom designs, thanks to grant money from the state bond commission.

    “We’re putting it towards technology, personnel, for instance,” Principal Janet Brown-Clayton said of the grant money. “We have staff now that didn’t exist before.”

    There is also a new attitude at the school.

    “So we’re trying to set the tone for this year so we can destroy the spirit of average. Enough is not good enough. We want our kids to soar,” Brown-Clayton said.

    Marchel Smith, of New Haven, said the family has been preparing for the last two days.

    “They are very excited. We’ve been preparing for the last two days. Haircuts and I think they’re ready,” Smith said.

    Thaddeus Harrison, a fifth grader, headed to school with his sister and said he is looking forward to improvements that have been made.

    Mayor Toni Harp and other officials met students today as they stepped off the bus and Supt. Garth Harries started his day welcoming back students at Hillhouse High School.

    “Here at Hillhouse, we have two academies forming as part of our transformation agenda,” he said.