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Tea Party Blasts Malloy's Tax Plan

Hundreds demanded the governor stop his plan to raise taxes in Connecticut.



    NBC Connecticut
    Tea Party members gather outside the State Capitol to protest Gov. Dannel Malloy's tax plan.

    As many as 750 people showed up at a Tea Party rally at the State Capitol in Hartford Friday.

    The group carried signs blasting Gov. Dannel Malloy's tax and spending proposals, which include plans to raise income taxes, as well as increases in sales and gasoline taxes.

    Jack Fowler, publisher of The National Review addressed the crowd, telling them Malloy had betrayed his pledge that everything was on the table when it came to cutting spending. "Pink slips, overdue mortgages and newspapers reporting on businesses leaving the state", were the only things still on the table, Fowler said.

    Former state senator and long-time tax-opponent Tom Scott shouted "No more taxes. Period." Scott gained notoriety by taking the lead to repeal the income tax imposed in 1991 by then-Gov. Lowell Weicker.