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Trick or Treating Happens at Last in Stonington



    Photos from Stonington CT Hello - I wanted to submit some photos from Stonington,CT ....these are from today's high tide.These are pictures of Wayland's Wharf which is off of water street in Stonington CT.WIll pass along more if I get them. Thanks.-Eric -� West Hartford, CT

    Many Connecticut residents have long forgotten about Halloween and moved on to planning for Thanksgiving, but one town will be celebrating Halloween this week.

    Stonington had to put off Halloween celebrations after Superstorm Sandy hit the shoreline hard, but festivities will still go on.

    The town is celebrating on Friday, Nov. 16.

    This is the second year in a row that Halloween was either cancelled or delayed in local communities.

    Last year, the freak October nor’easter forced towns to put off Halloween because snow and downed trees and wires made it impossible for children to trick or treat safely.

    This year, Superstorm Sandy forces several towns to do the same.