Unpaid Parking Tickets Pile Up in Torrington

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    Uncollected parking tickets total thousands in Torrington.

    Put a quarter in a parking meter in Torrington and you get an hour of parking. Stay longer and you could get a $10 parking ticket.

    Torrington authorities face nearly $300,000 in parking tickets they haven't collected over the last 20 years.

    Some months they bring in more money from parking tickets than from parking meters, but sometimes they don't. Whatever is collected goes to the city government's general fund.

    "When they tell us to stay up on our business, keep up on the laws while they change them regularly, and they come after us with huge fines if we don't, shame on them!" said Cynthia Starr, of Torrington.

    Parking authorities give the Department of Motor Vehicles information about unpaid tickets. The DMV subsequently bars registration of those vehicles until the tickets are paid.

    Torrington might be able to collect some of the unpaid tickets from recent years, said Jeff Lawton, but he didn't know how far back the city government could go.

    "I imagine a lot of those people are probably no longer around," he said.