Weather Warms for Once

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    Middletown enjoys a sunny day

    With the thermometer above the door of Eli Cannon's displaying 60 degrees just after noon, the father and daughter from Nebraska walked up Main Street in Middletown, checking out the town and Wesleyan University on a college admission office's perfect day.

    "It's really nice to come here," said Rachel Merliss. "It's definitely a change because in Nebraska it's been really bad also, so we feel your pain."

    A couple from Rhode Island brought their three kids out of their car, without heavy coats, hats, or gloves.

    "Winter's been awful, lot of snow, stuck inside the house," said Shann Gooding.

    Jogging across the street to make the light was Bonnie Tasoulas, who was excited about the warmth.

    "I love winter too," she said. "But this weather?  Look at my cheeks shining!"

    Down by the Connecticut a man and his grandson were doing their part to get rid of the snow, throwing it into the water. Dave Griffin came along with his dog, Sadie.

    "I can take my dog for a walk without getting cold, without getting wet," he said.

    He figured spring would eventually come, though he knew this was a one-day event.

    "This is not warm enough," said Antonio Farias.  "Warm enough would be 75 degrees and consistent, and all the snow off my lawn. That would be pretty warm."