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Conservative Columnist at the Center of Voting Complaint

Ann Coulter allegedly voted in Connecticut while living in New York

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    With her eyes, she's saying, "Don't tell me how to vote". But Coulter's not saying anything to the press... at least on this issue.

    Conservative columnist Ann Coulter is the subject of a state voter fraud complaint. 

    A complaint filed by Daniel Borchers, who writes a blog critical of Coulter, claims she voted by absentee ballot using her parents’ address in New Canaan in both 2002 and 2004.  But she was living in Manhattan at the time. 

    The complaint was received on Feb. 2 and is being investigated according to Nancy Nicolescu, a spokeswoman for the commission. That is standard procedure with complaints that allege election fraud.
    The Associated Press left a comment for Coulter’s publicist, and has not received a response.