Woman Wiped Out Landlord’s Bank Account, Stole from Library: Cops

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    Monroe Police
    Vanessa Renda is accused of stealing money from her landlord and stealing a Kindle from the local library.

    A Norwich woman has been arrested, accused of wiping out her landlord’s bank account and stealing a Kindle from the local library.

    A Monroe resident, who rented an apartment to Vanessa Renda, 39, contacted police on April 12 after his bank contacted him to tell him his account was overdrawn, according to police.

    Investigators determined that Renda had taken several checks from the man’s checkbook without his knowledge, forged his signature and cashed them at a local bank, police said.

    Then on June 7, the library director for the Edith Wheeler Memorial Library in Monroe reported that Renda had signed out a Kindle Fire in March 2013 and had not returned it, even after several emails and a certified letter were sent, according to police.

    Monroe police picked Renda up on Wednesday at the Derby Superior Court, where Judicial Marshals were holding her on two warrants.

    She was charged with larceny in the fifth degree, criminal attempt at larceny in the sixth degree and forgery in the third degree for the first case and sixth-degree larceny for the Kindle case.

    Bond was set at $6,000.