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Malloy Delays Start of Common Core Curriculum



    (Published Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2014)

    Controversial education standards are getting a second look – Gov. Dannel Malloy has put the brakes on fully implementing the Common Core curriculum.

    For months, thousands of teachers in Connecticut have expressed concerns over the way Common Core is set to be implemented.

    "In listening to what our teachers are saying, there's a lot of frustration," said Sheila Cohen, president of the Connecticut Education Association.

    Common Core is a nationwide program and states across the country are adopting the standards.

    Many teachers in Connecticut have expressed frustration that the curriculum was being rolled out at the same time as a new teacher evaluation system is being implemented. The new evaluation system is tied to student performance.

    "We have real concerns that our children are being traumatized by being tested on curriculum that has not been developed by a test that has already been developed," said Cohen.

    Malloy recommended taking a step back and delaying the start of Common Core standards for one year.

    The Performance Evaluation Advisory Council approved Malloy's recommendation Wednesday.

    Some argue this move was more about election-year politics than anything else. The teachers unions are a big Democratic voting block.

    "Is it political to hear people? You might categorize it as that," said Malloy. "Is this a response to what we are hearing? The answer is yes. Have we been working on it around the clock for months and months? The answer is yes."

    Republican lawmakers said Wednesday that they have been calling for changes for months.

    "This is a good thing but it's not enough," said Rep. Gail Lavielle.

    GOP legislators are calling for a public hearing prior to any full implementation of Common Core.