Waterbury Officer Disciplined For Using "Unncessary" Force: Chief

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    A Waterbury police officer has been suspended after allegedly using unnecessary force during an arrest, and he isn’t the only one being disciplined.

    The problem started Jan. 13 while police were making an arrest on Willow and Ludlow streets. Four police officers went running after the suspect and eventually took him into custody, but not before Officer Ryan Cubell reportedly kicked the man while he was restrained on the ground.

    A witness called Waterbury police to report the incident and said the officers were out of line, according to the department.

    Cubell has been suspended without pay for 25 days following an internal investigation. Police Chief Vernon Riddick said Cubell used unnecessary force in kicking the suspect.

    Three other officers were issued written reprimands for reportedly failing to fill out required paperwork explaining that force had been used, according to Riddick.

    Riddick said the behavior would not be tolerated. 

    The police union did not comment.