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Waterbury Students Accused of Bringing Weapons to School



    The Waterbury school system has dealt with a string of weapons-related incidents over the past couple weeks involving students as young as first graders, police said.

    According to police, five students in first grade through high school have been involved in the incidents.

    The most recent occurred on March 28, when a second-grader at Walsh Elementary School threatened two classmates with a box cutter, police said.

    The previous day, on March 27, a seventh-grade student at West Side Middle School was arrested after being found with a knife.

    A student at Crosby High School was also arrested March 27 after reportedly threatening another boy with a 3.5-inch long blade in a social worker’s office, and a first-grader at Bucks Hill Elementary School was suspended after pointing a toy gun at students on a bus, according to police.

    The seventh-grader and high school student were each suspended for 10 days. The parents of the high school student were informed of a possible expulsion hearing, police said.

    On March 21, a third-grader at Walsh Elementary was suspended for 10 days after bringing a knife to school, according to police. An expulsion hearing was scheduled.